Madeira Day in Portugal in 2024

Madeira Day in Portugal in 2024
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  How long until Madeira Day?
Madeira Day
  Dates of Madeira Day in Portugal
2025 Madeira Tue, Jul 1 Regional Holiday
2024 Madeira Mon, Jul 1 Regional Holiday
2023 Madeira Sat, Jul 1 Regional Holiday
2022 Madeira Fri, Jul 1 Regional Holiday
2021 Madeira Thu, Jul 1 Regional Holiday

Commemorates the autonomy granted to the Madeira archipelago by the Portuguese Constitution of 1976

  Local name
Dia da Madeira

When is Madeira Day?

The Day of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and the Madeiran Communities is celebrated on July 1st each year.

History of Madeira Day

Madeira is an archipelago situated in the north Atlantic Ocean. The islands were visited and then settled by Portuguese sailors in the service of Prince Henry the Navigator in 1419. The archipelago is considered to be the first territorial discovery of the exploratory period of the Age of Discovery.

Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal. Autonomy was granted to the Autonomous Region of Madeira in the Portuguese Constitution on July 1st 1976. This followed the 1974 revolution that swept away the Salazar dictatorship that had governed mainland Portugal, the islands and the colonies since 1928.

The holiday is marked throughout the region with fireworks and parades, An official ceremony takes place in the Regional Legislative Assembly.

Although it is officially celebrated as a public holiday in Madeira, it is also celebrated by Madeiran citizens and those with a Madeiran heritage around the world.

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