Davao City Day in Davao in 2025

Davao City Day in Davao in 2025
Young performers relaxing before one of the many events that mark Araw ng Davao. Image by City Tourism Operations Office, Davao City
  How long until Davao City Day?
Davao City Day
  Dates of Davao City Day in Davao
2025 Sun, Mar 16Regional Holiday
2024 Sat, Mar 16Regional Holiday
2023 Thu, Mar 16Regional Holiday
2022 Wed, Mar 16Regional Holiday
2021 Tue, Mar 16Regional Holiday

This special non-working day marks the creation of the City of Davao on 16 March 1936.

When is Davao City Day?

Davao City Day is a regional special non-working day in the Philippine metropolitan area of Metro Davao on March 16th each year.

Known also as Charter Day and Araw ng Dabaw, this day marks the anniversary of the city's incorporation, which happened on this day in 1936.

About Davao City Day

On June 29th 1848, the Spanish founded Davao in the Davao Gulf on the island of Mindanao. Davao began to grow and expand during the period of American control.

On March 16th 1936, cityhood was gained when congressman Romualdo Quimpo from Davao filed Bill 609 (passed as Commonwealth Act 51), creating the City of Davao from the town of Davao and the municipal district of Guianga.

The city was occupied by the Japanese during the second world war. After the devastation of the war, the city had to be rebuilt.

Today, Davao City is the third-most populous city in the Philippines after Quezon City and Manila. It is also one of the world's largest cities in terms of land area.

Araw ng Davao is marked by a series of events across the metropolitan area when the citizens celebrate the birthday of this multi-cultural city. The festivities cover a jam-packed, seven-day schedule of trade fairs and cultural presentations. There is also a colourful civic-military parade and a citywide beauty pageant.

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