Non-Working Day in Peru in 2021

Non-Working Day in Peru in 2021

  How long until Non-Working Day?
Non-Working Day
  Dates of Non-Working Day in Peru
2022 Peru Mon, Jan 3 Government Holiday
2021 Oct 11, Nov 2, Dec 24, Dec 27, Dec 31
PeruFri, Dec 31Government Holiday
PeruMon, Dec 27Government Holiday
PeruFri, Dec 24Government Holiday
PeruTue, Nov 2Government Holiday
PeruMon, Oct 11Government Holiday

Six non-working days for the public sector have been declared to boost tourism.

  Local name
Día no laborable en el sector público

About Non-Working Days for the Public Sector

The Government has declared six days as non-working days for public sector workers nationwide, in order to promote the development of domestic tourism in the country and promote the economic reactivation of Peru.

The law was promulgated by the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo , through Supreme Decree No. 161-2021-PCM .

Article 2.- Compensation of hours

The hours left to work during the non-working days established in the preceding article will be compensated in the next ten (10) days, or at the time established by the owner of each public entity, according to their own needs.

Article 3.- Provision of essential services

Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding articles, the heads of public sector entities shall adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the provision of those services that are essential for society, during the non-working days established in this Supreme Decree.

Article 4.- Non-working days in the private sector

The private sector work centers may benefit from the provisions of this Supreme Decree, prior agreement between the employer and its workers, who must establish the way in which the recovery of the hours left behind will be made effective; In the absence of agreement, the employer will decide.

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