Battle of Ayacucho in Peru in 2024

Battle of Ayacucho in Peru in 2024
Batalla de Ayacucho. Image by Martín Tovar y Tovar , via National Art Gallery of Venezuela
  How long until Battle of Ayacucho?
Battle of Ayacucho
  Dates of Battle of Ayacucho in Peru
2025 Peru Tue, Dec 9 National Holiday
2024 Peru Mon, Dec 9 National Holiday
2023 Peru Sat, Dec 9 National Holiday
2022 Peru Fri, Dec 9 National Holiday

Marks an important victory in the 19th century struggle for independence across Latin America.

  Local name
Batalla de Ayacucho

When is the Battle of Ayacucho?

Battle of Ayacucho is a national holiday in Peru on December 9th each year.

The holiday marks the date of an important battle in the Peruvian War of Independence in 1824.

About Battle of Ayacucho

The Battle of Ayacucho was a decisive military encounter during the Peruvian War of Independence. This battle took place on the high plateau near Ayacucho, Peru. It freed Peru and ensured the independence of the nascent South American republics from Spain.

The terms of surrender stipulated that all Spanish forces be withdrawn from both Peru and Charcas (Bolivia); the last of them departed from Callao, the port of Lima, in January 1826.

In December 2021, with 95 votes in favour, 19 against and 2 abstentions, the plenary session of Congress approved a non-working national holiday on December 9th, effective from 2022.

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