Day of Heroes in Paraguay in 2025

Day of Heroes in Paraguay in 2025
  How long until Day of Heroes?
Day of Heroes
  Dates of Day of Heroes in Paraguay
2025 Paraguay Sat, Mar 1 National Holiday
2024 Paraguay Fri, Mar 1 National Holiday
2023 Paraguay Wed, Mar 1 National Holiday
2022 Paraguay Tue, Mar 1 National Holiday
2021 Paraguay Mon, Mar 1 National Holiday

This holiday marks the end of the Paraguayan War in 1870 and commemorates those who lost their lives in the war

When is National Day of Heroes?

National Day of Heroes is a public holiday in Paraguay.

The traditional date of the holiday is March 1st, but it is often moved to a Monday to create a long weekend.

Traditions of National Day of Heroes

The aim of the holiday is to pay tribute to the work of citizens who have helped make Paraguay what it is today.

In the words of President Horacio Cartes, "Our heroes build a better Paraguay; today we pay homage to all Paraguayans who, with sacrifice and courage, make this a great country."

"On this day we want to honour the heroes of today, those who build a better country, those who protect us and are on the right track, those who give their effort and heart to achieve progress in Paraguay, to all of them my respect and gratitude," Cartes said.

This national holiday falls on the anniversary of the death of Marshal Francisco Solano Lopez, President of Paraguay from 1862 - 1870, who was killed in combat during the Battle of Cerro Corá. This was the last conflict in the War of the Triple Alliance (1864 - 1870) that pitted Paraguay against the tri-national alliance of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

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