National Repentance Day in Papua New Guinea in 2022

National Repentance Day in Papua New Guinea in 2022
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  How long until National Repentance Day?
National Repentance Day
  Dates of National Repentance Day in Papua New Guinea
2023 Papua New Guinea Sat, Aug 26 National Holiday
2022 Papua New Guinea Fri, Aug 26 National Holiday
2021 Papua New Guinea Thu, Aug 26 National Holiday
2020 Papua New Guinea Wed, Aug 26 National Holiday
2019 Papua New Guinea Mon, Aug 26 National Holiday

Intended to be marked by prayer ceremonies across the country to ask for forgiveness for wrongs

When is Repentance Day?

Repentance Day is a public holiday in Papua New Guinea observed on August 26th.

This day is generally celebrated by prayer ceremonies across the country.

History of Repentance Day

The holiday was first established by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill shortly after he became Prime Minister in 2011.

It was made a public holiday at the request of a group of churches, who had lobbied O'Neill's predecessor, Sam Abal.

The date has no obvious religious or historical significance, though at the time, Pastor Jack Edward from the Shema Evangelism Ministry, the Repentance Day co-ordinator, said that public holiday is observed on what was an annual, informal day of prayer.

Papua New Guinea undoubtedly considers itself a religious country with 95% of the population saying they were Christian in the 2011 census, with 70% of those following Protestant denominations.

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