Independence Day in Pakistan in 2024

Independence Day in Pakistan in 2024
  How long until Independence Day?
Independence Day
  Dates of Independence Day in Pakistan
2025 Pakistan Thu, Aug 14 National Holiday
2024 Pakistan Wed, Aug 14 National Holiday
2023 Pakistan Mon, Aug 14 National Holiday
2022 Pakistan Sun, Aug 14 National Holiday
2021 Pakistan Sat, Aug 14 National Holiday

On this day in 1947, Pakistan became the world's first Islamic republic when it gained independence from British rule

When is Pakistani Independence Day?

Independence Day is Pakistan's national day and is celebrated annually on August 14th.

On this day in 1947, Pakistan became the world's first Islamic republic when it gained independence from British rule.

History of Pakistani Independence Day

Pakistan had been part of the colony of India since the 18th century, firstly as part of the East India Company and then as part of the British Indian Empire.

In 1947, the act of independence created the 'Dominion of Pakistan' which covered two different geographic areas known as East and West Pakistan. In 1971 following the Bangladesh Liberation War, East Pakistan parted from West Pakistan and became Bangladesh.

The name Pakistan is a conjunction of two words 'Pak' meaning 'Pure' in Urdu and Persian, and 'Stan' meaning 'Land'. The name was also promoted in a pamphlet produced by the Muslim movement in 1933 - " Punjab, North-West Frontier Province (Afghan Province), Kashmir, Sind and Baluchistan". The 'i' was added to aid pronunciation.

Independence happened at midnight between August 14th and August 15th 1947, which is why the tradition in Pakistan has been to celebrate the August 14th whereas August 15th is Independence Day in India.

How is Pakistani Independence Day Celebrated?

This day is an occasion to promote patriotism and national unity and is observed in much the same way as Pakistan Day.

The day will start with a 31 gun salute in the federal and 21 gun salute at the provincial capitals. In Islamabad, at 9:59 am a siren will be sounded and the traffic will come to a standstill for one minute. Then the president will raise the national flag accompanied by the national anthem. The president will then address the nation on the occasion.

Many speeches on the progress of the nation are made by political leaders and televised live to the public. Festivities such as parades, firework displays, patriotic concerts and award ceremonies are also held throughout the country.

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