Orthodox Good Friday around the world in 2021

Orthodox Good Friday around the world in 2021

  Dates of Orthodox Good Friday around the world
2022 Various Apr 22
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFri, Apr 22Regional Holiday
BulgariaFri, Apr 22National Holiday
CyprusFri, Apr 22National Holiday
EritreaFri, Apr 22National Holiday
EthiopiaFri, Apr 22National Holiday
GeorgiaFri, Apr 22National Holiday
GreeceFri, Apr 22National Holiday
LebanonFri, Apr 22National Holiday
MontenegroFri, Apr 22National Holiday
RomaniaFri, Apr 22National Holiday
SerbiaFri, Apr 22National Holiday
2021 Various Apr 30
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFri, Apr 30Regional Holiday
BulgariaFri, Apr 30National Holiday
CyprusFri, Apr 30National Holiday
EritreaFri, Apr 30National Holiday
EthiopiaFri, Apr 30National Holiday
GeorgiaFri, Apr 30National Holiday
GreeceFri, Apr 30National Holiday
LebanonFri, Apr 30National Holiday
MontenegroFri, Apr 30National Holiday
RomaniaFri, Apr 30National Holiday
SerbiaFri, Apr 30National Holiday
2020 Various Apr 17
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFri, Apr 17Regional Holiday
BulgariaFri, Apr 17National Holiday
CyprusFri, Apr 17National Holiday
EritreaFri, Apr 17National Holiday
EthiopiaFri, Apr 17National Holiday
GeorgiaFri, Apr 17National Holiday
GreeceFri, Apr 17National Holiday
LebanonFri, Apr 17National Holiday
MontenegroFri, Apr 17National Holiday
RomaniaFri, Apr 17National Holiday
SerbiaFri, Apr 17National Holiday
2019 Various Apr 26
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFri, Apr 26Regional Holiday
BulgariaFri, Apr 26National Holiday
CyprusFri, Apr 26National Holiday
EritreaFri, Apr 26National Holiday
EthiopiaFri, Apr 26National Holiday
GeorgiaFri, Apr 26National Holiday
GreeceFri, Apr 26National Holiday
LebanonFri, Apr 26National Holiday
MontenegroFri, Apr 26National Holiday
RomaniaFri, Apr 26National Holiday
SerbiaFri, Apr 26National Holiday
2018 Various Apr 6
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFri, Apr 6Regional Holiday
BulgariaFri, Apr 6National Holiday
CyprusFri, Apr 6National Holiday
EthiopiaFri, Apr 6National Holiday
GeorgiaFri, Apr 6National Holiday
GreeceFri, Apr 6National Holiday
LebanonFri, Apr 6National Holiday
MontenegroFri, Apr 6National Holiday
RomaniaFri, Apr 6National Holiday
SerbiaFri, Apr 6National Holiday
Easter is the principal festival of Greece and the Orthodox Church
  Which countries observe Orthodox Good Friday in 2021?
  Bosnia and HerzegovinaApr 30Regional Holiday
  BulgariaApr 30National Holiday
  CyprusApr 30National Holiday
  EritreaApr 30National Holiday
  EthiopiaApr 30National Holiday
  GeorgiaApr 30National Holiday
  GreeceApr 30National Holiday
  LebanonApr 30National Holiday
  MontenegroApr 30National Holiday
  RomaniaApr 30National Holiday
  SerbiaApr 30National Holiday

When is Orthodox Good Friday?

Orthodox Good Friday takes place on the Friday before Orthodox Easter Sunday.

Easter is the principal festival of Greece and the Orthodox Church.

Traditions of Orthodox Good Friday

The first ceremony takes place on Good Friday where the "Epitafios", an imitation of the Christ's funeral bier, is decorated with many flowers by the local women. The "Epitafios" is then paraded through the streets of the villages or the neighbourhoods of the cities.

In some areas of Greece such as Crete, the ceremony is also accompanied by the burning of effigies of Judas Iscariot.

A great celebration also takes places on the Saturday, for Christ's triumphant return. At the stroke of midnight, all the lights of the churches are put out to symbolise the darkness which enveloped Christ as He passed through the underworld. Then a priest appears holding aloft a lighted taper and chanting "Avto to Fos… "(This is the Light…) and uses the Holy flame to light the candles of nearby worshippers. These worshippers then share their Light with their neighbours, until the entire church and the courtyard is illuminated by the candlelight.

After midnight, the families and friends meet to eat the "Mayeretsa", a soup made from lamb tripe, rice, dill and lemon. The rest of the lamb will be roasted on Sunday morning for the lunch, with wines and dances.

This festival is of great importance across all of Greece but some place are notable for their Easter celebrations: Hydra, Corfu, Pyrgi on Chios, Olymbos on Karpathos and St John's monastery on Patmos.

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