Orthodox Easter Monday around the world in 2025

Orthodox Easter Monday around the world in 2025
  How long until Orthodox Easter Monday?
Orthodox Easter Monday
  Dates of Orthodox Easter Monday around the world
2025 Various Apr 21
AlbaniaMon, Apr 21National Holiday
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMon, Apr 21Regional Holiday
CyprusMon, Apr 21National Holiday
GeorgiaMon, Apr 21National Holiday
GreeceMon, Apr 21National Holiday
KosovoMon, Apr 21National Holiday
MoldovaMon, Apr 21National Holiday
MontenegroMon, Apr 21National Holiday
North MacedoniaMon, Apr 21National Holiday
RomaniaMon, Apr 21National Holiday
SerbiaMon, Apr 21National Holiday
UkraineMon, Apr 21National Holiday
2024 Various May 6
AlbaniaMon, May 6National Holiday
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMon, May 6Regional Holiday
CyprusMon, May 6National Holiday
GeorgiaMon, May 6National Holiday
GreeceMon, May 6National Holiday
JordanMon, May 6Not A Public Holiday
KosovoMon, May 6National Holiday
LebanonMon, May 6Government Holiday
MoldovaMon, May 6National Holiday
MontenegroMon, May 6National Holiday
North MacedoniaMon, May 6National Holiday
RomaniaMon, May 6National Holiday
SerbiaMon, May 6National Holiday
UkraineMon, May 6National Holiday
2023 Various Apr 17
AlbaniaMon, Apr 17National Holiday
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMon, Apr 17Regional Holiday
BulgariaMon, Apr 17National Holiday
CyprusMon, Apr 17National Holiday
GeorgiaMon, Apr 17National Holiday
GreeceMon, Apr 17National Holiday
JordanMon, Apr 17Not A Public Holiday
KosovoMon, Apr 17National Holiday
MoldovaMon, Apr 17National Holiday
MontenegroMon, Apr 17National Holiday
North MacedoniaMon, Apr 17National Holiday
RomaniaMon, Apr 17National Holiday
SerbiaMon, Apr 17National Holiday
UkraineMon, Apr 17National Holiday
2022 Various Apr 25
AlbaniaMon, Apr 25National Holiday
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMon, Apr 25Regional Holiday
BulgariaMon, Apr 25National Holiday
CyprusMon, Apr 25National Holiday
GeorgiaMon, Apr 25National Holiday
GreeceMon, Apr 25National Holiday
KosovoMon, Apr 25National Holiday
LebanonMon, Apr 25Government Holiday
MoldovaMon, Apr 25National Holiday
MontenegroMon, Apr 25National Holiday
North MacedoniaMon, Apr 25National Holiday
RomaniaMon, Apr 25National Holiday
SerbiaMon, Apr 25National Holiday
UkraineMon, Apr 25National Holiday
2021 Various May 3
AlbaniaMon, May 3National Holiday
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMon, May 3Regional Holiday
BulgariaMon, May 3National Holiday
CyprusMon, May 3National Holiday
GeorgiaMon, May 3National Holiday
GreeceMon, May 3National Holiday
JordanMon, May 3Not A Public Holiday
KosovoMon, May 3National Holiday
MoldovaMon, May 3National Holiday
MontenegroMon, May 3National Holiday
North MacedoniaMon, May 3National Holiday
RomaniaMon, May 3National Holiday
SerbiaMon, May 3National Holiday
UkraineMon, May 3National Holiday

The Orthodox church uses the Julian calendar for the calculation of Easter, which can often mean that Orthodox Easter falls later than Easter observed elsewhere

  Which countries observe Orthodox Easter Monday in 2025?
National Holiday Regional Holiday Not a public holiday Govt Holiday

When is Orthodox Easter Monday?

Easter is the principal festival of Greece and the Orthodox Church.

In the bible, it is the day when Mary Magdalene found that an empty tomb in the cave in which Jesus had been placed following his death by crucifixion on the Friday before.

It signifies the end of the 40 days of Lent, meaning Christians who gave up something during lent to signify Jesus' time in the wilderness, can indulge themselves again.

In Egypt, Coptic Easter Monday is celebrated on the same day as Orthodox Easter Monday. The day forms part of a wider spring festival called 'Sham El Nessim' and is a national holiday.

Why is it called Easter?

The name Easter is derived from 'Ostara' or 'Eostre', a pagan goddess of fertility, whose feast was celebrated on the Vernal Equinox. The word East is also derived from her names, as is Oestrogen, the female hormone.

However, In most languages other than English and German, the holiday's name is derived from Pesach, the Hebrew name of Passover, a Jewish holiday to which the Christian Easter is intimately linked.

Easter depends on Passover not only for much of its symbolic meaning but also for its position in the calendar. The Orthodox church uses the Julian calendar for the calculation of Easter, whereas the Western churches use the Gregorian calendar. This difference can often mean that Orthodox Easter falls later than Easter observed elsewhere. The earliest date it can fall is 4 April and the latest is 8 May.

Easter traditions

Easter Eggs

Modern Easter celebrations revolve around eggs. They may be painted, rolled down hills or eaten if they are of the chocolate variety. The Christian tradition of the egg is said to represent rebirth and resurrection - new life being born from the egg. It's also been said that the egg recalls the shape of the stone that rolled away on Easter Sunday form the tomb that held Jesus' body.

This egg tradition is almost certainly a distillation of a much older pagan custom celebrating spring. The ancient Persians celebrated their new year at the time of the vernal equinox by painting eggs.

Its adoption into the Christian traditions would have been quite seamless, as eggs were banned during the period of Lent preceding Easter.

The custom of decorating eggs is perhaps most famous in Ukraine. Known as Pysanky eggs, they are painted when raw as the uncooked egg shell absorbs the coloured dye better than when cooked.

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