Tree Planting Day in North Korea in 2025

Tree Planting Day in North Korea in 2025
  How long until Tree Planting Day?
Tree Planting Day
  Dates of Tree Planting Day in North Korea
2025 North Korea Wed, Feb 12 Not A Public Holiday
2024 North Korea Sat, Feb 24 Not A Public Holiday
2023 North Korea Sun, Feb 5 Not A Public Holiday
2022 North Korea Wed, Feb 16 National Holiday
2021 North Korea Sat, Feb 27 National Holiday

This traditional folk festival involves people across North Korea planting trees

When is Tree Planting Day?

Tree Planting Day is a national holiday in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the first full moon after the lunar new year.

Known as Cheongwoldaeboreum, this is a Korean folk festival that is celebrated at the same time as the Lantern Festival in China, marking the culmination of the celebrations for Lunar New Year.

History of Tree Planting Day

The Lunar New Year signifies the start of Spring and rebirth. The full moon after the New Year was traditionally seen as a good time to start cultivation.

As with most public holidays in North Korea, the influence of the Kims, the country's leaders since 1947, looms over the holiday. Officially the annual Tree Planting Day was established by the late Korean leader Kim Jong Il. 

According to reports, the seed for Tree Planting day was sown in 1946, when President Kim Il Sung, together with general secretary Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Suk, an anti-Japanese war hero, climbed Moran Hill in Pyongyang and called for the planting of trees on mountains.

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