National Day in North Korea in 2024

National Day in North Korea in 2024
  How long until National Day?
National Day
  Dates of National Day in North Korea
2025 North Korea Tue, Sep 9 National Holiday
2024 North Korea Mon, Sep 9 National Holiday
2023 North Korea Sat, Sep 9 National Holiday
2022 North Korea Fri, Sep 9 National Holiday
2021 North Korea Thu, Sep 9 National Holiday

Founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in 1948.

When is North Korean National Day?

The Day of the Foundation of the Republic (Korean: 인민정권 창건일) is a public holiday in North Korea, observed on September 9th.

Also sometimes known as Grand National Day or Republic Day, this is the National Day of North Korea. Because the date is September 9th, it is also called '9 9'.

The holiday commemorates the founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on September 9th 1948.

History of North Korean National Day

In August 1945, after defeat in World war II by American and Soviet forces, Imperial Japan give up control of Korea, which it had annexed in 1910. Following the liberation from Japan, the country was divided along the 38th parallel into zones of occupation by the victorious Americans and Soviets. As a result, the Korean peninsula was divided into two countries.

A communist Soviet military regime was set up in the northern part of Korea.  A new Supreme People's Assembly was elected in August 1948, and on September 3rd 1948, a new constitution was promulgated.

On September 9th 1948, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was proclaimed, with Kim Il-sung as Premier.

How is North Korean National Day Celebrated?

Despite its status as the national day of North Korea, this public holiday is not as widely celebrated as those for the birthdays of North Korea leaders.

Nevertheless, the day is celebrated with fervour across North Korea. Events such as art performances and exhibitions take place and it is a tradition for children to be admitted to the Young Pioneer Corps on National Day.

Did you know?

On National Day in 1997, North Korea adopted the Juche calendar on the third anniversary of Kim Il-sung's death. The calendar begins with the birth of the founder of the Democratic People's Republic,Kim Il-sung in 1912.

North Korea often marks this important national holiday, especially on every fifth or 10th anniversary, with a military parade featuring newly developed weapons, such as intercontinental ballistic missiles. In 2018, there was a large-scale military parade but North Korea did not showcase intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of striking the U.S. in what appeared to be a relatively low-key event to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its founding.

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