Children's Union Foundation Day in North Korea in 2021

Children's Union Foundation Day in North Korea in 2021

  How long until Children's Union Foundation Day?
This holiday next takes place in 250 days.
  Dates of Children's Union Foundation Day in North Korea
2022 North Korea Mon, Jun 6 National Holiday
2021 North Korea Sun, Jun 6 National Holiday
2020 North Korea Sat, Jun 6 National Holiday
2019 North Korea Thu, Jun 6 National Holiday
2018 North Korea Wed, Jun 6 National Holiday
Public holiday marking the 1946 foundation of the Korean Children's Union, which all children in North Korea will join.

When is Children's Union Foundation Day?

Children's Union Foundation Day is a national holiday in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea observed on June 6th each year.

This holiday marks the foundation of the union on this day in 1946.

History of Children's Union Foundation Day

The Korean Children's Union was founded on June 6th 1946 by Kim Il-sung.

Between the ages of 7 and 13, all North Korean children join the Children’s Union. The admission is usually done in three stages. First, the best pupils in the class are admitted, then the average ones and then the rest. 

The organisation operates chapters in elementary and secondary schools nationwide. It teaches children about the Juche ideals and Songun, the ideologies behind the North Korean system.

Each child reads an oath of allegiance during an admission ceremony:

I join the ranks of the Korean Children’s Union, founded by the Great Leader Generalissimo Kim Il-sung and shined upon by the Great Guide Commander Kim Jong-il, do hereby swear to always and everywhere think and act according to the teaching of the Generalissimo Kim Il-sung and Commander Kim Jong-il and to become a good reservist of the brilliant cause of constriction of Communism, which is carried along from generation to generation by the great revolutionary deed of Juche.

The Children’s Union members all wear red neckties, a custom that comes from the USSR.

To mark the day, special sports days are held at schools across North Korea. 

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