Jigawa Public Holiday in Jigawa in 2024

Jigawa Public Holiday in Jigawa in 2024
  How long until Jigawa Public Holiday?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Jigawa Public Holiday in Jigawa
2023 Mon, Aug 28Regional Holiday
2020 Thu, Aug 27Regional Holiday
2019 Tue, Aug 27Regional Holiday
2018 Mon, Aug 27Regional Holiday

Jigawa State Government has declared a public holiday

About Jigawa

Jigawa State was created on Tuesday August 27th 1991, when the Federal Military Government under the General Ibrahim Babangida announced the creation of nine additional states in the country bringing the total number of states then to thirty. The announcement was given a legal backing through the; State Creation and Transitional Provisions Decree No. 37 of 1991.

Excised from Kano State it covers a total land area of about 22,410sq Km. It is bordered on the West by Kano State, on the East by Bauchi and Yobe States and on the North by Katsina and Yobe States and the Republic of Niger.

The state is mainly populated by the Hausa, Fulani and the Mangawa, Badawa and Ngizimawa which are dialects of the Kanuri language. They constitute significant percentages in Birniwa, Guri and Kiri kasamma local government areas. There are other settled tribes both from within and outside Nigeria inhibiting in almost all the local Government areas of the state with the highest concentration in the state capital.

Source: Jigawa State Government

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