Public Holiday around the world in 2024

Public Holiday around the world in 2024
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  Dates of Public Holiday around the world
2023 NigeriaJan 23, Jan 24, Jan 25, Jan 26, Jan 27
Cross River Fri, Jan 27Government Holiday
Ebonyi Fri, Jan 27Government Holiday
Imo Fri, Jan 27Government Holiday
Lagos Fri, Jan 27Government Holiday
Cross River Thu, Jan 26Government Holiday
Ebonyi Thu, Jan 26Government Holiday
Imo Thu, Jan 26Government Holiday
Lagos Thu, Jan 26Government Holiday
Kwara Wed, Jan 25Government Holiday
Lagos Wed, Jan 25Government Holiday
Ogun Wed, Jan 25Government Holiday
Abia Tue, Jan 24Government Holiday
Ekiti Tue, Jan 24Government Holiday
Lagos Tue, Jan 24Government Holiday
Ogun Tue, Jan 24Government Holiday
Ondo Tue, Jan 24Government Holiday
Abia Mon, Jan 23Government Holiday
2022 NigeriaJun 24, Jun 27, Jun 28, Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1, Jul 21, Jul 22, Jul 26, Jul 27, Jul 28, Jul 29
Adamawa Fri, Jul 29Regional Holiday
Kaduna Fri, Jul 29Regional Holiday
Kebbi Fri, Jul 29Regional Holiday
Ogun Fri, Jul 29Regional Holiday
Adamawa Thu, Jul 28Regional Holiday
Kaduna Thu, Jul 28Regional Holiday
Kebbi Thu, Jul 28Regional Holiday
Kaduna Wed, Jul 27Regional Holiday
Ogun Tue, Jul 26Regional Holiday
Borno Fri, Jul 22Regional Holiday
Borno Thu, Jul 21Regional Holiday
Niger State Fri, Jul 1Regional Holiday
Yobe Fri, Jul 1Regional Holiday
Niger State Thu, Jun 30Regional Holiday
Yobe Thu, Jun 30Regional Holiday
Yobe Wed, Jun 29Regional Holiday
Plateau Tue, Jun 28Regional Holiday
Bauchi Mon, Jun 27Regional Holiday
Plateau Mon, Jun 27Regional Holiday
Osun Fri, Jun 24Regional Holiday
2018 NigeriaAug 15, Aug 16, Aug 30, Aug 31
Edo Fri, Aug 31Regional Holiday
Oyo Fri, Aug 31Regional Holiday
Zamfara Fri, Aug 31Regional Holiday
Ondo Thu, Aug 30Regional Holiday
Imo Thu, Aug 16Regional Holiday
Imo Wed, Aug 15Regional Holiday
2015 NigeriaFeb 5, Feb 6, Mar 2, Mar 27
Ogun Fri, Mar 27Regional Holiday
Bayelsa Mon, Mar 2Regional Holiday
Kano Fri, Feb 6Government Holiday
Lagos Fri, Feb 6Government Holiday
Edo Thu, Feb 5Regional Holiday
Imo Thu, Feb 5Regional Holiday
Oyo Thu, Feb 5Regional Holiday
Yobe Thu, Feb 5Regional Holiday

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