Republic Day in Niger in 2024

Republic Day in Niger in 2024
A large part of Niger is in the Sahara Desert. Image via Deposit Photos
  How long until Republic Day?
Republic Day
  Dates of Republic Day in Niger
2025 Niger Thu, Dec 18 National Holiday
2024 Niger Wed, Dec 18 National Holiday
2023 Niger Mon, Dec 18 National Holiday
2022 Niger Sun, Dec 18 National Holiday
2021 Niger Sat, Dec 18 National Holiday

Commemoration of the First Republic of Niger in 1958 and autonomy within France

When is Nigerien Republic Day?

Republic Day is a public holiday in Niger on 18th December each year.

This day commemorates the founding of the Republic of Niger on this day in 1958.

History of Nigerien Republic Day

The Republic of Niger is a landlocked country in Western Africa.

In 1958, while Niger was still part of France, constitutional changes as a result of the establishment of the Fifth French Republic led to elections being held in Niger and the French colonial territories.

The result was that on December 4th 1958, Niger became a self-governing autonomous state within the French Community.  On December 18th 1958, the Republic of Niger was officially founded.

On this day, Hamani Diori became president of the country’s provisional government. Diori was later appointed as the first President of the Republic of Niger in 1960 when Niger achieved full independence from France.

How is Nigerien Republic Day Celebrated?

December 18th was officially declared a national holiday in 2005. Government offices and many businesses close. 

Republic Day is marked with official ceremonies with speeches from political leaders.

Each year, organizers choose one of the regional capitals of the country to host the celebrations. The National Youth Festival, which used to be celebrated at a different time of the year now takes places on Republic Day.

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