Mother's Day in Nicaragua in 2024

Mother's Day in Nicaragua in 2024
  How long until Mother's Day?
Mother's Day
  Dates of Mother's Day in Nicaragua
2025 Nicaragua Fri, May 30 National Holiday
2024 Nicaragua Thu, May 30 National Holiday
2023 Nicaragua Tue, May 30 National Holiday
2022 Nicaragua Mon, May 30 National Holiday
2021 Nicaragua Sun, May 30 Government Holiday

Celebrated on May 30th in Nicaragua since the 1940s.

Mother's Day (Día de la Madre) is observed in Nicaragua on May 30th. This is very important holiday for Nicaraguans, and preparations begin early in May.

In May 2022, the National Assembly, declared a national holiday on May 30th. With 91 votes in favor, the law orders the reform of article 66 of law 185, of the Labor Code, to establish Mother's Day as the tenth national holiday.

Until 2022, every May 30th was declared a paid holiday only for the public sector. 

Most countries in Latin America celebrate Mother's Day on May 10th, following the traditional date adopted in Mexico.

Mother's Day (Día de la Madre) was established in the 1940s by then-President Anastasio Somoza García. He established Mother's Day by American sample and designated May 30th as the day of celebration, since it was the birthday of Casmira Sacasa de Debayle, mother of the first lady Mrs. Salvadora Debayle de Somoza.

Special gift sets are sold in supermarkets from the beginning of May. Supermarkets also organize different campaigns. The most important treat for Mother's Day is a cake, which is mandatory for the celebration. Every city organizes concerts and different activities, which makes the celebration of Mother's Day one of the most important holidays of the year.

Mother's Day as a national holiday

On May 20th 2022, Law No. 1118 "Law Declaring Mother's Day a National Holiday" came into force, which amends article 66 of the Nicaraguan Labor Code, by including May 30th as a new mandatory national holiday.

This implies that employers must comply with giving their workers the right to rest and salary on that day. If the said day is worked, it will be considered as an extraordinary work, and the employer must pay 100% more than the salary stipulated for the respective normal day.

The national holiday can only be worked without being considered an extraordinary work if works are carried out that: a) cannot be interrupted due to the needs they satisfy; b) are intended to repair damage caused by force majeure or unforeseen circumstances; c) must be executed at certain times or occasions that depend on the irregular action of natural event; and d) respond to daily and essential food needs. In such cases, the employer must negotiate with his worker the replacement of the rest day.

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