Nicaragua Independence Day around the world in 2024

Nicaragua Independence Day around the world in 2024
View of the Concepcion Volcano from Ometepe Island. Image by Tiago Fernandez , via Deposit Photos
  How long until Nicaragua Independence Day?
Nicaragua Independence Day
  Dates of Nicaragua Independence Day around the world
2025 NicaraguaSep 15
Nicaragua Mon, Sep 15National Holiday
2024 NicaraguaSep 15
Nicaragua Sun, Sep 15National Holiday
2023 NicaraguaSep 15
Nicaragua Fri, Sep 15National Holiday
2022 NicaraguaSep 15
Nicaragua Thu, Sep 15National Holiday
2021 NicaraguaSep 15
Nicaragua Wed, Sep 15National Holiday

Commemorates independence of the Central American provinces from Spanish rule in 1821

When is Nicaraguan Independence Day?

This public holiday is Nicaragua's National Day and is always celebrated on September 15th.

Independence Day in Nicaragua commemorates the independence of the Central American provinces from Spanish rule in 1821.

History of Nicaraguan Independence Day

Nicaragua had been originally inhabited by various indigenous cultures since ancient times. In 1502, on his fourth voyage, Christopher Columbus became the first European to reach what is now Nicaragua as he sailed southeast toward the Isthmus of Panama. Columbus explored the Mosquito Coast on the Atlantic side of Nicaragua but did not encounter any indigenous people.

It was almost two decades later before the Spaniards made an attempt to conquer Nicaragua, firstly by the conquistador Gil González Dávila, who had arrived in Panama in January 1520. His attempt was repelled by the natives, and in 1524, a new expedition was led by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba founded the Spanish towns of León and Granada.

Nicaragua became part of the Kingdom of Guatemala, which also included the present-day nations of Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, and the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Did you know?

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. The capital is Managua. It is the largest city in Central America after Guatemala City and is home to 25% of the country’s population.

At the start of the nineteenth century, Spain had been weakened by its involvement in the Peninsular War in Europe and local juntas had been created as local Spanish had revolted against the rule of King Joseph, Napoleon's brother who was installed as ruler of Spain by the French in 1808.

This taste for independent rule persisted after King Ferdinand came to the Spanish throne and on September 15th 1821, the Act of Independence of Central America was declared by the Province of Guatemala.

Following independence and despite opposition from El Salvador, the regions became part of the Mexican Empire, until they ceded to become the Federal Republic of Central America in 1823.

How is Nicaraguan Independence Day Celebrated?

Celebrations typically culminate in a school battle of bands who integrate traditional music and rhythmic choreography in their performances. The top competitors meet in the capital of Managua in a grand finale to determine the year’s victor. 

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