Taranaki Anniversary Day in Taranaki in 2020

Taranaki Anniversary Day in Taranaki in 2020
  How long until Taranaki Anniversary Day?
This holiday next takes place in 111 days.
  Dates of Taranaki Anniversary Day in Taranaki
2021 Mon, Mar 8Regional Holiday
2020 Mon, Mar 9Regional Holiday
2019 Mon, Mar 11Regional Holiday
2018 Mon, Mar 12Regional Holiday
2017 Mon, Mar 13Regional Holiday
Marks the arrival of the first European settlers on 31 March 1841. Marked on the second Monday in March to avoid Easter

When is Taranaki Anniversary Day?

Taranaki Anniversary Day is a provincial holiday observed in Taranaki, New Zealand.

Taranaki Anniversary Day is celebrated annually on the second Monday of March.

History of Taranaki Anniversary Day

Taranaki Anniversary Day commemorates the creation of the Taranaki province. Originally called New Plymouth province, it was renamed to Taranaki in 1859.

The name 'Taranaki' refers to the large mountain in the area, the second largest on the north island, which was named Taranaki by the local Māori.

The holiday is marked on the second Monday in March to avoid Easter.

Anniversary Days in New Zealand

The Holidays Act 1981 specifies each locality observing a Provincial Anniversary Day to celebrate the founding days or landing days of the first colonists of the various colonial provinces.

However the exact dates are not legislated for.

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