Nelson Anniversary Day in Nelson in 2021

Nelson Anniversary Day in Nelson in 2021

  Dates of Nelson Anniversary Day in Nelson
2022 Mon, Jan 31Regional Holiday
2021 Mon, Feb 1Regional Holiday
2020 Mon, Feb 3Regional Holiday
2019 Mon, Feb 4Regional Holiday
2018 Mon, Jan 29Regional Holiday
Nelson only. Commemorates the arrival of the first New Zealand Company boat, the Fifeshire on February 1st 1842

When is Nelson Anniversary Day?

Nelson Anniversary Day is celebrated on the Monday nearest to February 1st.

The holiday commemorates the arrival of the first New Zealand Company boat February 1st 1842.

History of Nelson Anniversary Day

Nelson is the second-oldest settled city in New Zealand. The first Europeans to establish a settlement in the area now known as Nelson arrived on the ship Fifeshire on February 1st 1842.

The Fifeshire set sail from London on September 17th 1841 with 170 passengers. During the voyage, 17 died from an outbreak of fever. Five babies were born during the four and a half month journey.

This was the Fifeshire's first journey, but it was also it's last. Following its arrival in Nelson, it departed for China but never left Nelson Harbour as the ship was wrecked on a reef.

Anniversary Days in New Zealand

The Holidays Act 1981 specifies each locality observing a Provincial Anniversary Day to celebrate the founding days or landing days of the first colonists of the various colonial provinces.

However, the exact dates are not legislated for.

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