Khakhdehara in Sudurpashchim Pradesh in 2024

Khakhdehara in Sudurpashchim Pradesh in 2024
Ghoda Ghodi Lake, Sudur Paschim. Image by Shivagoutam
  How long until Khakhdehara?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Khakhdehara in Sudurpashchim Pradesh
2024 Mon, Apr 1Regional Holiday

A public holiday in Sudurpashchim province to mark the end of month-long Holi celebrations.

The Far West Province Government has declared a public holiday on Monday April 1sr 2024 in observance of Khakhdehara, the main festival of the Rana Tharu community. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law granted the holiday to honor this important celebration.

Khakhdehara marks the culmination of the month-long Holi festival for the Rana Tharu community. It is their most significant festival and a time of joyous celebration.

Khakhdehara is a day for celebration. People sing, dance and express joy at the removal of evil spirits.

Rana Tharu is an ethnic group generally classified as part of the Tharu people of Nepal and India.

Sudurpashchim Province (Far-West Province) is one of the seven provinces established by the new constitution of Nepal which was adopted on September 20th 2015. 

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