Republic Day in Nepal in 2024

Republic Day in Nepal in 2024
Lake Gosaikund, Nepal. Image by Sergey Pesterev , via Unsplash
  How long until Republic Day?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Republic Day in Nepal
2023 Nepal Mon, May 29 National Holiday

Marks the establishment of federal democratic republic following the abolition of monarchy in 2006.

When is Republic Day in Nepal?

Republic Day (Ganatantra Diwas) is celebrated across Nepal on Jetha 15 (May 29th) every year in commemoration of the day the republican system was proclaimed on May 28th 2008.

History of Republic Day in Nepal

In Nepal, May 29th marks Republic Day, commemorating the date in 2008 when an elected Constituent Assembly brought an end to the country’s centuries-old monarchy and declared it a federal, democratic republic. 

The first-ever people-elected Constituent Assembly proclaimed the federal democratic republican governance system in the country by officially abolishing the monarchy on May 29th 2008.

As a result of the 2006 Democracy Movement, on April 24th 2006, the then King Gyanendra Shah reinstated the parliament that was dissolved on May 22nd 2002

On May 18th 2006, the Parliament unanimously voted to strip the King of many of his powers. On May 29th 2008, a new constitution was voted on by the Nepalese Parliament, which declared that the monarchy would be deposed and a new parliamentary republic would become the Nepalese political framework.

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