Laxmi Puja in Nepal in 2019

Laxmi Puja in Nepal in 2019
Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Image via Pixabay
  How long until Laxmi Puja?
This holiday next takes place in 36 days.
  Dates of Laxmi Puja in Nepal
2021 Nepal Wed, Nov 3 National Holiday
2020 Nepal Sat, Nov 14 National Holiday
2019 Nepal Sun, Oct 27 National Holiday
2018 Nepal Wed, Nov 7 National Holiday
The third day of Diwali is when Lakshmi the goddess of wealth is worshipped

In Nepal, Lakshmi Puja is celebrated as part of Tihar, a five-day festival that culminates on Bhai Tika.

On Lakshmi Puja, people buy gold and silver, precious gemstones, new utensils of copper, brass, and bronze as a sign of good luck, prosperity, money and wealth. After lighting their houses with candles and lamps, these valuables are then used in the evening to worship Lakshmi.

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