Attwari in Nepal in 2024

Attwari in Nepal in 2024
Ghoda Ghodi Lake, Sudur Paschim. Image by Shivagoutam
  How long until Attwari?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Attwari in Nepal
2021 Sudurpashchim Pradesh Sun, Jun 27 Regional Holiday
2020 Sudurpashchim Pradesh Sun, Aug 23 Regional Holiday

An important and popular festival celebrated by the Tharu people in Sudur Paschim State.

About Attwari

The Sudur Paschim State observes a public holiday on the occasion of the Attwari, an important festival of the Tharu community. The festival is greeted with much fanfare by people of the Tharu community.

As a result, all government and public offices will remain closed in the state to mark the festival,

The Attwari festival is celebrated as a festival for fostering love, good and fraternity among the brothers, sisters and neighbours in the Tharu community.

The Tharu people are an ethnic group indigenous to the Terai in southern Nepal and northern India. They are recognised as an official nationality by the Government of Nepal. 

Sudur Pashchim Pradesh is one of the seven provinces established by the new constitution of Nepal which was adopted in September 2015. It borders the Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the north, and the Indian states of Uttarakhand to the west and Uttar Pradesh to the south. Initially known as Province No. 7, Sudur Pashchim Pradesh was adopted as the permanent name for the province in September 2018. 

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