Victory Day in Mozambique in 2024

Victory Day in Mozambique in 2024
Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique. A small fishing and scuba diving holiday resort and village on the most southern point of Mozambique. Image by Hein waschefort
  How long until Victory Day?
Victory Day
  Dates of Victory Day in Mozambique
2025 Sep 7, Sep 8
MozambiqueMon, Sep 8National Holiday (in lieu)
MozambiqueSun, Sep 7National Holiday
2024 Mozambique Sat, Sep 7 National Holiday
2023 Mozambique Thu, Sep 7 National Holiday
2022 Mozambique Wed, Sep 7 National Holiday
2021 Mozambique Tue, Sep 7 National Holiday

Commemorates the signing of the agreement to end the Mozambican War of Independence

  Local name
Dia da Vitória

When is Victory Day?

Victory Day (Dia da Vitória) also known as Lusaka Peace Agreement Day is a public holiday in Mozambique observed on September 7th.

The day commemorates the end of the Mozambican War of Independence on this day in 1974, with the signing of the Lusaka Peace Agreement.

History of Victory Day

Mozambique's struggle for independence looms large over its public holidays, with Heroes' Day, Independence Day and Victory Day all related to key events that resulted in the end of colonial rule.

Europeans first visited Mozambique during the voyages of the Portuguese explorer, Vasco Da Gama at the end of the 15th century. By 1530, Portugal had established a strong presence in the region effectively controlling the area.

In September 1964, growing unrest amongst many Mozambicans, together with similar armed movements in other Portuguese territories, such as Angola and Guinea-Bissau, led to the start of an armed guerrilla campaign against the Portuguese. 

This armed struggle became the Portuguese Colonial War, of which the Mozambican War of Independence was part. The conflict lasted a few weeks shy of ten years with the rebels not making significant headway in ousting the Portuguese. 

In April 1974, a revolution in Portugal restored democracy to the country and led to a change in attitude over overseas territories such as Mozambique. Negotiations between the Portuguese administration resulted in the Lusaka Accord signed on September 7th 1974, which formally ended the war with a ceasefire and paved the way for Mozambique's independence in the following year.

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