Revolution Day in Mozambique in 2024

Revolution Day in Mozambique in 2024
Flag of Mozambique. Image by RonnyK , via Pixabay
  How long until Revolution Day?
Revolution Day
  Dates of Revolution Day in Mozambique
2025 Mozambique Thu, Sep 25 National Holiday
2024 Mozambique Wed, Sep 25 National Holiday
2023 Mozambique Mon, Sep 25 National Holiday
2022 Sep 25, Sep 26
MozambiqueMon, Sep 26National Holiday (in lieu)
MozambiqueSun, Sep 25National Holiday
2021 Mozambique Mon, Sep 27 National Holiday (in lieu)

Marks the beginning of the armed struggle against Portuguese colonisation in 1964

When is Revolution Day?

Revolution Day is a public holiday in Mozambique observed on September 25th each year.

This holiday marks the start of the armed struggle against Portuguese rule on this day in 1964.

History of Revolution Day

Mozambique lies on the south-eastern coast of Africa. Europeans first visited Mozambique during the voyages of the Portuguese explorer, Vasco Da Gama at the end of the 15th century. By the middle of the next century, Portugal had established a strong presence in the region effectively controlling the area.

In the 1950s other nations on the African continent were moving towards independence as the grip of the European colonial powers loosened. Mozambique, an overseas territory of Portugal, under the leadership of the dictator António Salazar, was showing no signs of following suit.

In 1962 several anti-colonial groups combined to form the Front for the Mozambique Liberation (FRELIMO). On September 25th 1964, FRELIMO began an armed guerrilla campaign when they launched the first attack against Portuguese targets. This brought Mozambique into the Portuguese Colonial War which would rage until 1974 when a change of government in Portugal ended their interest in the African colonies.

The freedom from Portuguese rule looms large over the public holidays in Mozambique. Including Revolution Day, four of the country's eight holidays commemorate events in the struggle for independence.

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