Youth Day in Morocco in 2024

Youth Day in Morocco in 2024
King Mohammed VI is pictured on Moroccan banknotes. Image by Ronny K , via Pixabay
  How long until Youth Day?
Youth Day
  Dates of Youth Day in Morocco
2025 Morocco Thu, Aug 21 National Holiday
2024 Morocco Wed, Aug 21 National Holiday
2023 Morocco Mon, Aug 21 National Holiday
2022 Morocco Sun, Aug 21 National Holiday
2021 Morocco Sat, Aug 21 National Holiday

Youth Day is celebrated on the birthday of the reigning monarch, Mohammed VI

When is Youth Day?

Youth Day is a public holiday in Morocco on August 21st each year Celebrated on the date of the reigning King's birthday, this day is in honour of the contribution of the youth to the Kingdom.

Youth Day takes place on the day after Revolution Day creating a two-day holiday break in the country.

History of Youth Day

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, son of the late King H.M. Hassan II, was born on August 21st 1963, in Rabat.

He is the 23rd king of the Alaouite Dynasty, which has ruled Morocco since 1631. He ascended to the throne on July 23rd 1999, upon the death of his father, the late King Hassan II. Prior to Mohammed VI's ascension to the throne, Youth Day was celebrated on July 9th, the day Hassan II was born.

Youth Day began in 1948 as a way to rally the youth against the colonial rule of the French.

After independence was achieved in 1956, Youth day was proclaimed as an official national holiday to remember the contribution of youth in the struggle for liberation. Nowadays it is also a day to celebrate the younger generation's contributions to the strength of the Kingdom in all aspects of society.

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