Chisinau City Day in Chișinău in 2020

Chisinau City Day in Chișinău in 2020
Chisinau, Moldova Image via Deposit Photos

  How long until Chisinau City Day?
This holiday next takes place in 17 days.
  Dates of Chisinau City Day in Chișinău
2022 Fri, Oct 14Regional Holiday
2021 Thu, Oct 14Regional Holiday
2020 Wed, Oct 14Regional Holiday
2019 Mon, Oct 14Regional Holiday
2018 Sun, Oct 14Regional Holiday
Public Holiday just for Chisinau. Each city and village has its own celebration day

Chișinău is the capital of the Republic of Moldova. 

Having been invaded by the Red Army in June 1940, Chisinau suffered a deadly earthquake in October of that year which measured 7.3 on the Richter scale and destroyed much of the city. As if that wasn’t enough, the following year the Luftwaffe arrived and blew what was left of the city to smithereens. 

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