Cahul City Day in Moldova in 2024

Cahul City Day in Moldova in 2024
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  How long until Cahul City Day?
Cahul City Day
  Dates of Cahul City Day in Moldova
2025 Cahul Fri, Nov 21 Regional Holiday
2024 Cahul Thu, Nov 21 Regional Holiday
2023 Cahul Tue, Nov 21 Regional Holiday
2022 Cahul Mon, Nov 21 Regional Holiday
2021 Cahul Sun, Nov 21 Regional Holiday

Public Holiday just for Cahul. Each city and village has its own celebration day

Cahul City Day is a regional public holiday in Cahul, Moldova on November 21st each year.

In addition to the national holidays, the major cities in Moldova also observe a local holiday.

Chaul City is a major city in the south of Moldova. Over the centuries it has changed hands between many empires and countries, and many battles have been fought in the region. The most famous of those was the Battle of Kagul in 1770 between the Russian and Ottoman Empires during the Russo-Turkish War. 

Cahul was founded in 1502 and was known as Şcheia (Old Romanian for "Bulgarian"), before changing its name to Frumoasa ("Beautiful" in Romanian) in 1716.

By the decree of the Tsar of Russia Nicholas I on December 18th 1835, Frumoasa was granted the status of a city with the name Cahul, in honour of the Russian victory over the Turks in 1770. 

Nowadays the city is known for its thermal baths and folk music.

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