Constitution Day in Mexico in 2025

Constitution Day in Mexico in 2025
  How long until Constitution Day?
Constitution Day
  Dates of Constitution Day in Mexico
2025 Mexico Mon, Feb 3 Statutory Holiday
2024 Mexico Mon, Feb 5 Statutory Holiday
2023 Mexico Mon, Feb 6 Statutory Holiday
2022 Mexico Mon, Feb 7 Statutory Holiday
2021 Mexico Mon, Feb 1 Statutory Holiday

First Monday in February. Celebrates the ratification of the Mexican constitution of 1917

  Local name
Día de la Constitución

When is Mexican Constitution Day?

This public holiday in Mexico is celebrated on first Monday in February.

Mexican Constitution Day celebrates the ratification of the Constitution of 1917, adopted after the Mexican Revolution on February 5th 1917.

History of Mexican Constitution Day

The 1917 Constitution was drafted in Santiago de Queretaro during the Mexican Revolution.

It was approved by the Constitutional Congress on February 5th 1917, with Venustiano Carranza serving as the first president.

The Mexican constitution of 1917 was the first such constitution in the world to include social rights and served as a model for the Weimar Constitution of 1919 and the Russian Constitution of 1918.

The government envisaged in the Mexican Constitution is an activist state, dedicated to bringing about social justice among its citizens. And though it has been amended hundreds of times, it continues to govern Mexico today.

The Mexican Constitution spells out the same basic rights as the U.S. Constitution - freedom of speech, religion, petition, legal rights – yet it goes farther, guaranteeing Mexicans the right to a good job (Article 123), decent housing, and health protection and care. And the aforementioned Article 123 spells out workers’ rights in detail. But it also clearly spells out the duties of Mexican citizens, as well as non-Mexicans living in Mexico.

Did you know?

The Mexican Constitution was the first document in history that said every person has the right to an education.

All government offices, schools, and businesses are closed on this day. Most retail stores and restaurants will open as usual. As this public holiday always falls on a Monday, most museums will be closed on Constitution Day as museums usually close on a Monday in Mexico.

Constitution Day is marked by large parades across Mexico, often featuring marching bands and colourful costumes. As one of the most important festivals in the country, people in Mexico use the day to enjoy parades and festivals or reunite with their family over the long weekend. 

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