Independence Day in Malta in 2024

Independence Day in Malta in 2024
  How long until Independence Day?
Independence Day
  Dates of Independence Day in Malta
2025 Malta Sun, Sep 21 Public Holiday
2024 Malta Sat, Sep 21 Public Holiday
2023 Malta Thu, Sep 21 Public Holiday
2022 Malta Wed, Sep 21 Public Holiday
2021 Malta Tue, Sep 21 Public Holiday

Malta gained its political Independence from Great Britain on September 21st 1964

  Local name
Jum l-Indipendenza

When is Maltese Independence Day?

This holiday is always celebrated on September 21st. In Malta, it is called 'Jum 1-Indipendenza'.

The day marks the day in 1964 when Malta gained independence from Britain.

History of Maltese Independence Day

Malta's position in the Mediterranean sea has made the islands a strategically important location since classical times, with the islands passing from one ruler to another through the ages.

In 1800, the British had assisted Malta in removing the occupying French forces and the Maltese people had asked to become a sovereign nation in the British Empire. This was ratified in the treaty of Paris in 1815.

As a result of Malta's heroic stand against the Italian and German forces in World War II, the British King George VI vowed that self-government would be restored at the end of the war if the Maltese people wanted it, leading to self-government being granted in 1947.

The movement for independence gained pace after self-rule was granted and after a few false starts, including a close referendum that would have made Malta part of the United Kingdom, independence was finally granted on September 21st 1964.

Ten years later, Malta became a republic.

How is Maltese Independence Day celebrated?

Malta's Independence Day is celebrated with parades and festivities across the country. This holiday is one of five national days in Malta.

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