Army Day in Mali in 2025

Army Day in Mali in 2025
  How long until Army Day?
Army Day
  Dates of Army Day in Mali
2025 Mali Mon, Jan 20 National Holiday
2024 Mali Sat, Jan 20 National Holiday
2023 Mali Fri, Jan 20 National Holiday
2022 Mali Thu, Jan 20 National Holiday
2021 Mali Wed, Jan 20 National Holiday

To recognise the important role, the Mali military has played in bringing peace and stability to the nation

When is Army Day?

Army Day is a national holiday in Mali on January 20th each year.

Also known as Armed Forces Day, this holiday recognises the role of the military in the nation and honours those who have given their lives in service.

History of Army Day

Mali gained independence from France in 1960. In October of that year, the Malian armed forces were formed by a combination of Malian conscripts and volunteer veterans of the French Armed Force.

In the years following independence, the military relied on the Soviet Union for support and training.

Weakened by the collapse of the Soviet Union and a rebellion by Tuareg separatists, the army has been rebuilt with assistance from France and the USA. Today Mali is an active contributor to peacekeeping forces in West and Central Africa as befits the eighth-largest country in Africa. 

In recent years, the importance of the army has been underlined by their efforts to subdue Islamist militants in eastern Mali, with 24 soldiers killed in an attack in November 2019.

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