Victory Day in Maldives in 2024

Victory Day in Maldives in 2024
Victory Monument in Malé, Maldives Image by avigatorphotographer , via Deposit Photos
  How long until Victory Day?
Victory Day
  Dates of Victory Day in Maldives
2025 Maldives Mon, Nov 3 National Holiday
2024 Maldives Sun, Nov 3 National Holiday
2023 Maldives Fri, Nov 3 National Holiday
2022 Maldives Thu, Nov 3 National Holiday
2021 Maldives Wed, Nov 3 National Holiday

Celebrates the victory over the terrorist group who tried to overthrow the government in 1988

When is Victory Day?

Victory Day is a public holiday in the Republic of the Maldives on November 3rd each year.

The holiday commemorates the defeat of an attempted coup on this day in 1988.

History of Victory Day

In 1978 Maumoon Abdul Gayoom began a 30-year tenure as the president of the Maldives after the previous president Ibrahim Nasir had fled to Singapore.

Supporters of Nasir and other agitators tried several times to oust Gayoom. The third of these attempts was the most serious. It took place at the start of November 1988, when a coup led by Abdullah Luthufie and supported by about 80 Tamil mercenaries seized the airport, government buildings and TV and radio stations.  Gayoom managed to evaded capture and asked the international community for help.

India answered the call for help and initiated a military response code-named Operation Cactus on November 3rd 1988. The Indian Air Force airlifted troops from a parachute brigade to the Maldives. With their overwhelming numbers, the paratroopers quickly secured the airfield, rescued President Gayoom and restored the government rule at Malé. 

To mark the day, a special flag hoisting ceremony takes place near the Victory monument and parades are held in the streets of Malé and Hulhumalé.

Schools and most businesses are closed. 

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