Republic Day in Maldives

Maldives Public Holiday in Maldives

Republic Day is a national holiday in Maldives. It is observed on the 11 November.

When is Republic Day in the Maldives?

How long until Republic Day?
This holiday next takes place in 172 Days.
Dates of Republic Day
Year Weekday Date
2020 Wednesday November 11th
2019 Monday November 11th
2018 Sunday November 11th
2017 Saturday November 11th
2016 Friday November 11th
1 Day
Celebrates the Maldives changing from a monarchy to a republic in 1968

Republic Day in the Maldives is a public holiday on 11 November.

This holiday celebrates the Maldives changing from a monarchy to a republic in 1968.

History of Republic Day in the Maldives

On 16 December 1887, the Maldives became a protectorate of the British Empire. The Sultan of the Maldives agreed to give up the islands' sovereignty in matters of foreign policy. In return, the British would provide military protection and not interfere in the internal affairs of the islands, though they still needed to be consulted on key changes such as the appointment of a new Sultan.

Following the death of Sultan Majeed Didi and his son Prince Hassan Fareed Didi, the Maldives briefly became a republic on 1 January 1953, when the selected sultanate refused to take the crown and a referendum was held, and the first republic proclaimed, ending 812 years of the sultanate. The monarchy was restored in March 1954.

Independence came to the Maldives in July 1965 when an agreement was signed by the Maldives' Prime Minister and the British Ambassador which ended the British responsibility for the defence and external affairs of the Maldives.

In November 1967, the Maldives parliament voted in favour of changing from a constitutional monarchy to a republic. A referendum took place on 15 March 1968, when over 80% of the votes chose to establish a republic. The second republic of the Maldives was proclaimed on 11 November 1968

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