The Sultan of Pahang Hol in Malaysia in 2025

The Sultan of Pahang Hol in Malaysia in 2025
Royal Standard of Sultan of Pahang. Image via Office Holidays
  How long until The Sultan of Pahang Hol?
The Sultan of Pahang Hol
  Dates of The Sultan of Pahang Hol in Malaysia
2025 Pahang Thu, May 22 Regional Holiday
2024 Pahang Wed, May 22 Regional Holiday
2023 Pahang Mon, May 22 Regional Holiday
2022 Pahang Sun, May 22 Regional Holiday
2021 Pahang Sat, May 22 Regional Holiday

A holiday since 1974 to commemorate the death of the fourth Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Abu Bakar.

  Local name
Hari Hol Sultan of Pahang

When is Sultan of Pahang Hol?

This regional public holiday is usually observed in the Malaysian state of Pahang on May 7th. Since 2021, it has been observed on May 22nd.

If the date falls on a weekend, a replacement holiday is offered.

The holiday commemorates the fourth Sultan of Pahang, who ruled for nearly 42 years from 1932 until his death on this day in 1974.

History of Sultan of Pahang Hol

Sultan Abu Bakar was born in May 1904 and succeeded his father to become the fourth modern Sultan of Pahang in 1932.

He was the first son of a King to be conferred the title of His Highness the Crown Prince of Pahang. Following his father's death, he ascended the throne of the State Government of Pahang on June 24th 1932. He was subsequently crowned as Sultan Abu Bakr Ri'ayatuddin Al-Mu'adzam Shah on Sunday, May 28, 1933, at the Palace of the Beach, Pekan. At the time, he was 28 years old and the youngest Sultan in the history of Malay Rulers at the time.

Despite his long reign in Pahang, he was passed over five times for the role of King (Yang di-Pertuan Agong) of Malaysia. 

He is seen as the father of modern-day Pahang, as his reign saw many political, social and economic changes that brought modernity to the state.

He died on May 7th 1974 and was succeeded by his son Sultan Ahmad Shah, who went on to rule as Sultan for almost 45 years.

Pahang is the largest state, geographically, in eastern (peninsular) Malaysia and is one of several states that retain their own sultan. 

Image: The Sultan of Pahang, 1945. National Archives UK.

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