Gawai Dayak in Sarawak in 2020

Gawai Dayak in Sarawak in 2020
State flag of Sarawak, Malaysia Image by Office Holidays
  How long until Gawai Dayak?
This holiday next takes place in 317 days.
  Dates of Gawai Dayak in Sarawak
2021Jun 1, Jun 2
Wed, Jun 2Regional Holiday
Tue, Jun 1Regional Holiday
2020Jun 1, Jun 2
Tue, Jun 2Regional Holiday
Mon, Jun 1Regional Holiday
2019Jun 1, Jun 2, Jun 3
Mon, Jun 3Regional Holiday
Sun, Jun 2Regional Holiday
Sat, Jun 1Regional Holiday
2018Jun 1, Jun 2
Sat, Jun 2Regional Holiday
Fri, Jun 1Regional Holiday
2017Jun 1, Jun 2
Fri, Jun 2Regional Holiday
Thu, Jun 1Regional Holiday
Sarawak. Dayak Festival is a major harvest festival celebrated over two days
  Local name
Gawai Dayak

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