Public Holiday around the world in 2024

Public Holiday around the world in 2024
Janaki Mandir is a Hindu temple in Janakpur, Nepal. Image by Bijay chaurasia
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2022 NepalJan 18
Madhesh Pradesh Tue, Jan 18Regional Holiday

A public holiday to mark the renaming of Province 2 as Madhesh Pradesh.

The Madhesh provincial government has declared a public holiday in the province on Tuesday January 18th 2022 to celebrate the naming of the province and the determination of permanent capital.

Spokesperson of the government and Finance Minister Shailendra Prasad Sah shared that the government has announced a public holiday to celebrate the decision of the provincial assembly of naming the province as ‘Madhes’ with Janakpurdham as its permanent capital.

A meeting of the Provincial assembly held on Monday decided to make Janakpur its capital while settling on 'Madhes' as its name.

A consensus was reached by a two-thirds majority to make the decision.99 members of the provincial parliament had participated in the voting in the state assembly.

Out of those, 78 had voted in favor of keeping Janakpur as the Province 2 capital. Likewise, 80 had voted in favour of naming the province Madhes.

Province 2 is a province in the southeastern region of Nepal that was formed after the adoption of the Constitution of Nepal in 2015.

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