National Day in Luxembourg in 2020

National Day in Luxembourg in 2020
  How long until National Day?
This holiday next takes place in 82 days.
  Dates of National Day in Luxembourg
2022 Luxembourg Thu, Jun 23 National Holiday
2021 Luxembourg Wed, Jun 23 National Holiday
2020 Luxembourg Tue, Jun 23 National Holiday
2019 Luxembourg Sun, Jun 23 National Holiday
2018 Luxembourg Sat, Jun 23 National Holiday
The official birthday of the Grand Duke although no Grand Duke/Duchess has ever had a real birthday that fell on this day

When is Luxembourg National Day?

This public holiday in Luxembourg is always celebrated on June 23rd and may also be called Grand Duke Day

June 23rd is Luxembourg's National Day (Celebration publique de l'anniversaire du souverain) and the official birthday of the Grand Duke although no Grand Duke/Duchess has ever had a real birthday that fell on this day.

History of Luxembourg National Day

The Duke's birthday doesn't even commemorate the birth of a Duke, but a Duchess - the Grand Duchess Charlotte who ruled Luxembourg from 1919 - 1964.

The tradition of celebrating the monarch's birthday started in the 19th Century when Luxembourg was still part of the Netherlands. It became an important patriotic holiday under the reign of Grand Duchess Charlotte who came to the throne in 1919.

Charlotte was actually born on January 23rd 1896, but the celebrations were shifted to June so that the celebrations should have more favourable weather.

The day was made a national holiday in 1941, and the date of June 23rd was fixed by Ducal decree in 1961. So, despite the current Duke being the grandson of Charlotte, the June 23rd date has remained that of the National Day.

On the eve of National Day, a torchlight procession lights the streets beginning at 10 in the evening. A spectacular fireworks display is held in the Petrusse Valley and a mass is celebrated at the cathedral. After the fireworks, the city of Luxembourg City turns out for a massive party with waffles, sausages, beer, music, and dancing in the streets. Official ceremonies, military parades, and a 101-cannon salute are held on National Day itself.

In the afternoon, Te Deum, a religious service takes place at the Cathedral of Luxembourg, attended by the Grand Ducal Family, politicians and civil servants, selected members of society and diplomats.

The day ends with a fireworks display followed by a large street party.

Luxembourg's economy is largely based on its highly developed financial sector. The country is the world's second largest investment fund centre (next to the United States) and the most important private banking centre in the Eurozone.

The capital, Luxembourg City, is one of the three official capitals of the European Union along with Brussels and Strasbourg, and is the seat of the European Court of Justice.

As of 2017, Luxembourg had the fifth highest Gross Domestic Product per capita in the world and the fourth highest Quality of Life index.

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