Liberation Day in Libya in 2024

Liberation Day in Libya in 2024
Volcanic mountains in the Black Desert, Libya. Image by Cornfield , via Deposit Photos
  How long until Liberation Day?
Liberation Day
  Dates of Liberation Day in Libya
2025 Libya Thu, Oct 23 National Holiday
2024 Libya Wed, Oct 23 National Holiday
2023 Libya Mon, Oct 23 National Holiday
2022 Libya Sun, Oct 23 National Holiday
2021 Libya Sat, Oct 23 National Holiday

Day of Liberation from Gaddafi's Jamahiriya declared on 23 October 2011.

When is Liberation Day?

Liberation Day is a public holiday in the State of Libya on October 23rd each year.

This holiday commemorates the end of the First Libyan Civil War on this day in 2011.

History of Liberation Day

Muammar Gaddafi came to power in Libya on September 1st 1969 when he led a group of military leaders in a  coup d'état against King Idris. 

Gadaffi proved to be a divisive leader. He undoubtedly brought stability to the country, maximised the revenue from the country's oil reserves and enacted some progressive laws regarding women's right. However, his rule was seen as authoritarian verging on the dictatorial, with allegations of corruption and violence against political opponents. He also became viewed as an international pariah, who was an enthusiastic sponsor of anti-west terrorism.

In 2011 the Arab Spring movement had seen the rulers of Tunisia and Egypt being overthrown. Sandwiched between those countries, widespread revolts also took place in Libya. However, whereas regime change was swift in the other countries, Gadaffi mounted a strong response to the revolts which tipped the country into civil war, with government forces launching counterattacks against the rebels.

With American and NATO air support, the rebels eventually gained the upper hand, taking the capital Tripoli in August 2011.

Gadaffi and his troops made a last stand at the Battle of Sirte. On October 20th, Gadaffi was captured and killed. 

Though there was some sporadic resistance in the following months, victory was celebrated on October 23rd 2011.

At the time of writing, Libya is into the 5th year of the Second Libyan Civil War, and while both sides have no nostalgia for Gaddafi's rule, today is unlikely to feel that festive.

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