Moshoeshoe I's Day in Lesotho in 2025

Moshoeshoe I's Day in Lesotho in 2025
King Moshoeshoe of the Basotho people of Lesotho. Painting from the nineteenth century
  How long until Moshoeshoe I's Day?
Moshoeshoe I's Day
  Dates of Moshoeshoe I's Day in Lesotho
2025 Lesotho Tue, Mar 11 National Holiday
2024 Lesotho Mon, Mar 11 National Holiday
2023 Lesotho Sat, Mar 11 National Holiday
2022 Lesotho Fri, Mar 11 National Holiday
2021 Lesotho Thu, Mar 11 National Holiday

Moshoeshoe I was the first King of Lesotho. This holidays marks his death on March 11th 1870

When is Moshoeshoe's Day?

Moshoeshoe Day is a public holiday in Lesotho, observed on March 11th.

The holiday commemorates the first King of Lesotho, Moshoeshoe I on the anniversary of his death in 1870.

History of Moshoeshoe Day

King Moshoeshoe I is considered the father of Lesotho. He reigned from 1822 - 1870, founding Basutoland to unite the tribes in the area in order to defend themselves from attacks by the Zulus.

Never suffering a major military defeat, Moshoeshoe was able to resist colonialism efforts of the Boer trekkers from the Orange Free State and although Basutoland became a British colony, Moshoeshoe was able to keep his country separate from British South Africa and Apartheid South Africa.

Ongoing border disputes with the Boers were resolved at the Treaty of Aliwal in 1869, bringing stability to his Moshoeshoe's Kingdom.

Moshoeshoe died on March 11th 1870.

Having a public holiday to mark the first ruler of a country isn't uncommon, though it is usually celebrated on the ruler's birth date. This would be tricky in regards to Moshoeshoe as while it is agreed he was born in 1786, the exact date of his birth isn't known.

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