Independence Day in Lesotho in 2024

Independence Day in Lesotho in 2024
The current flag of Lesotho was adopted on the 40th anniversary of independence in 2006. Image by RonnyK , via Pixabay
  How long until Independence Day?
Independence Day
  Dates of Independence Day in Lesotho
2025 Lesotho Sat, Oct 4 National Holiday
2024 Lesotho Fri, Oct 4 National Holiday
2023 Lesotho Wed, Oct 4 National Holiday
2022 Lesotho Tue, Oct 4 National Holiday
2021 Lesotho Mon, Oct 4 National Holiday

Basutoland gained its independence from Britain and became the Kingdom of Lesotho in 1966

When is Lesotho Independence Day?

Independence Day is a public holiday in Lesotho observed on October 4th.

This is Lesotho's National Day and marks independence from Britain on this day in 1966.

History of Lesotho Independence Day

Lesotho emerged in the 1820s, when Basutoland was founded by King Moshoeshoe I who united the tribes in the area in order to defend themselves from attacks by the Zulus.

Basutoland then found itself in territorial disputes with the Boer trekkers from the Orange Free State. King Moshoeshoe turned to the British for help and Basutoland was made a British protectorate in 1868, before gaining colony status in 1884.

On October 4th 1966, Basutoland was formally granted its independence from Great Britain as the Kingdom of Lesotho, with Moshoeshoe II as king and Chief Leabua Jonathan (Basotho National Party) as prime minister.

Did you know?

The lowest point above sea level in Lesotho is 1,500 metres, making it the country with the highest low point in the world.

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