Rafik Hariri Memorial Day in Lebanon in 2025

Rafik Hariri Memorial Day in Lebanon in 2025
  How long until Rafik Hariri Memorial Day?
Rafik Hariri Memorial Day
  Dates of Rafik Hariri Memorial Day in Lebanon
2025 Lebanon Fri, Feb 14 National Holiday
2024 Lebanon Wed, Feb 14 National Holiday
2023 Lebanon Tue, Feb 14 National Holiday
2022 Lebanon Mon, Feb 14 National Holiday
2021 Lebanon Sun, Feb 14 National Holiday

A businessman and Prime Minister of Lebanon assassinated on 14 February 2005

When is Rafik Hariri Memorial Day?

Rafik Hariri Memorial Day is a national holiday in Lebanon, observed on 14th February.

The day remembers the former Prime Minister of Lebanon who was killed on this day in 2005.

History of Rafik Hariri Memorial Day

Rafik Hariri was a Lebanese businessman who had become wealthy in the 1970s. His started to use his wealth for philanthropic projects in Lebanon, including the building of educational facilities and making large donations to various groups.

Working as an envoy of the Saudi royal family, Hariri was involved in the groundwork that led to the 1989 Taif Accord, which brought an end to the civil war which had started in 1975.

In 1992, Hariri became the first post-civil war prime minister of Lebanon. He is credited with initiating an ambitious reconstruction program in Lebanon following the devastation of the civil war.

Hariri was replaced as prime minister in 1998, though he was re-appointed prime minister in October 2000, serving until he resigned in October 2004.

On 14 February 2005, Hariri was killed by a massive car bomb in the capital, Beirut, along with 22 other people.

Syria was initially accused of the assassination, leading to mass protests against Syria which eventually withdrew its troops from Lebanon.

However, an international tribunal indicted five members of Lebanon's Shia movement, Hezbollah, for the attack.

Hezbollah denied it was responsible, rejecting the charges as political, and accusing Israel. The defendants remain at large.

Thousands of people gather for a memorial at the site of Hariri's grave in Martyrs Square in Beirut at which religious leaders will pay their respects.

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