Public Holiday in Kuwait in 2023

Public Holiday in Kuwait in 2023
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Public Holiday
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2023 Kuwait Tue, Jun 6 National Holiday

To allow voters to participate in the National Assembly election.

The Council of Ministers today approved a draft decree to hold the National Assembly election on Tuesday, June 6th 2023.

The Council of Ministers, in its extraordinary meeting held today, Wednesday, at Bayan Palace, approved a draft decree inviting voters to elect members of the National Assembly on Tuesday, June 6th 2023, and submitted it to His Highness the Crown Prince.

Furthermore, the council decided to declare the polling day as a day of rest, suspending work in all ministries, government agencies, and public institutions. This move is intended to allow citizens to exercise their right to vote without any interruptions.

The upcoming National Assembly election is a crucial event for the people of the country. It is an opportunity for them to choose their representatives and have a say in the decision-making process. The election will see voters elect members of the National Assembly, who will serve a four-year term

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