Orthodox Christmas in Kosovo in 2021

Orthodox Christmas in Kosovo in 2021

  How long until Orthodox Christmas?
This holiday next takes place in 106 days.
  Dates of Orthodox Christmas in Kosovo
2022 Kosovo Fri, Jan 7 National Holiday
2021 Kosovo Thu, Jan 7 National Holiday
2020 Kosovo Tue, Jan 7 National Holiday
2019 Kosovo Mon, Jan 7 National Holiday
2018 Kosovo Mon, Jan 8 National Holiday
The Orthodox Church recognises January 7th as the day that Jesus was born
  Local name
Krishtlindjet Ortodokse
  Orthodox Christmas in other countries
Orthodox Christmas internationally

When is Orthodox Christmas?

The Orthodox Church recognises January 7th as the day that Jesus was born. Elsewhere in the world, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th.

The difference in the timing of the Christmas celebrations stretches back to 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII, ruled that the Catholic Church should follow a new calendar – called the Gregorian calendar, as it was closer to the solar calendar than the Julian calendar.

History of Orthodox Christmas

The Julian calendar had been established by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C.

Because it was the Catholic pope who ruled on the adoption of the new calendar, many churches not aligned to the papacy ignored it, such as Protestants and the Eastern Orthodox church. Protestants accepted the new calendar in the early 1700s.

In 1922, the patriarch of Constantinople decided that the Gregorian calendar should be followed for the observance of Christmas, but not for Easter, and this edict was followed by many of the other Orthodox churches.

The only Orthodox churches that still observe the January 7th date are the Russian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian churches, the Serbs and the Mount Athos monks in Greece.

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