National Health Day in Kiribati in 2025

National Health Day in Kiribati in 2025
A beach on North Tarawa atoll, Kiribati. Image via Deposit Photos
  How long until National Health Day?
National Health Day
  Dates of National Health Day in Kiribati
2025 Kiribati Tue, Apr 8 Public Holiday
2024 Kiribati Mon, Apr 8 Public Holiday
2023 Kiribati Tue, Apr 11 Public Holiday
2022 Kiribati Fri, Apr 8 Public Holiday
2021 Kiribati Fri, Apr 9 Public Holiday

A day to encourage citizens to have an active and healthy lifestyle

When is National Health Day?

This public holiday in Kiribati is on April 8th, though the observed date may change depending on what day of the week it falls on.

What is National Health Day?

For many countries, the health of its citizens is a top priority. A healthy lifestyle leads to people being happier and more productive. It is also a benefit to the country if it has to spend less on welfare because people are generally fitter.

Given the importance, it is surprising that not many countries have a public holiday to highlight health and activity. Apart from Kiribati, only Japan and Qatar do. For a few years, Fiji dabbled with a holiday for sport, but have since dropped the holiday.

In Kiribati, the focus is on getting everyone involved in activities and sports to promote a healthier lifestyle. The Health Department of the government organises several sports competitions. For those who aren't as sporty, they are encouraged to spend time enjoying their hobbies.

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