Kiribati Youth Day in Kiribati in 2024

Kiribati Youth Day in Kiribati in 2024
  How long until Kiribati Youth Day?
Kiribati Youth Day
  Dates of Kiribati Youth Day in Kiribati
2025 Kiribati Fri, Aug 8 Public Holiday
2024 Kiribati Mon, Aug 5 Public Holiday
2023 Kiribati Sat, Aug 5 Public Holiday
2022 Kiribati Fri, Aug 5 Public Holiday
2021 Kiribati Fri, Aug 6 Public Holiday

A day to encourage a healthy lifestyle amongst the younger generation in Kiribati

This public holiday in Kiribati is usually observed on August 5th, though the date may be changed, depending on what day of the week August 5th falls on.

In keeping with the active theme of the day, events focus on sports competitions, such as soccer, volleyball,  tennis, basketball, and other traditional games. 

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