Corn Riots Public Holiday in Jersey in 2024

Corn Riots Public Holiday in Jersey in 2024
Bread riots at the Robin Hood Tavern, Jersey. Image by Mellisa De La Taste
  How long until Corn Riots Public Holiday?
There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Corn Riots Public Holiday in Jersey
2021 Jersey Mon, Sep 27 National Holiday

A one-off additional bank holiday to mark 250 years since the Corn Riots.

When is the Corn Riots Public Holiday?

There will be a one-off public holiday in Jersey on Monday September 27th 2021.

The day will mark the 250th anniversary of the Corn Riots when islanders protested against landowners.

History of the Corn Riots

In 1769, landowners were exporting wheat from Jersey to England, where a bad harvest had driven up the price.

Frustrated with the resulting food shortages, rising prices, the unfair taxation system and Jersey’s power structure, around 500 hundred islanders stormed the Royal Court with 13 demands to alleviate their struggles on September 28th 1769.

Though there was no known loss of life, many came armed with sticks and clubs, and an usher was thrown over the court railing during the disturbance.

The event paved the way for major political reform on the island. In the reform, known as the Code of 1771, the Royal Court was stripped of its legislative powers, meaning that from 1771, only the States Assembly could create laws.

It comes after the States voted to approve a proposal by Deputy Montford Tadier by 25 votes to 17.

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