Constitution Memorial Day in Japan in 2025

Constitution Memorial Day in Japan in 2025
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  How long until Constitution Memorial Day?
Constitution Memorial Day
  Dates of Constitution Memorial Day in Japan
2025 Japan Sat, May 3 National Holiday
2024 Japan Fri, May 3 National Holiday
2023 Japan Wed, May 3 National Holiday
2022 Japan Tue, May 3 National Holiday
2021 Japan Mon, May 3 National Holiday

Commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of Japan on May 3rd 1947

When is Constitutional Memorial Day?

Also known as Constitution Day and 'Kenpo kinenbi' in Japan, this public holiday is part of Golden Week.

The Constitution of Japan came into force on May 3rd 1947.

To commemorate this event, the date is celebrated as a national holiday.

On this day, many newspapers and magazines publish articles about the Japanese government. The National Diet Building in Tokyo, where the constitution was created, is also open to the public on this day only.

History of Constitutional Memorial Day

After Japan surrendered following the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the country’s constitution was rewritten to emphasise peace and pacifism.

Unlike the Meiji Constitution that it replaced, the present Constitution declares that sovereignty lies with the people; the Emperor is "the symbol of the state and the unity of the people" who has no "powers related to government."

It asserts that people have fundamental human rights and renounce war. 

It is a very democratic document modeled on the American and British constitutions. 

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Golden Week

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