Independence Day in Jamaica in 2021

Independence Day in Jamaica in 2021

  How long until Independence Day?
This holiday next takes place in 314 days.
  Dates of Independence Day in Jamaica
2022 Jamaica Sat, Aug 6 National Holiday
2021 Jamaica Fri, Aug 6 National Holiday
2020 Jamaica Thu, Aug 6 National Holiday
2019 Jamaica Tue, Aug 6 National Holiday
2018 Jamaica Mon, Aug 6 National Holiday
Jamaican independence was granted on August 6th 1962 and each year the date is dedicated to the remembrance of Jamaican history

When is Jamaican Independence Day?

Independence is a public holiday in Jamaica observed on August 6th. If August 6th falls on a Sunday, Independence Day will be observed as a public holiday on Monday August 7th.

This holiday is the National Day of Jamaica and celebrates independence from the United Kingdom on this day in 1962.

History of Jamaican Independence Day

Jamaica was one of the first colonies in the so-called new world. Spanish rule began in 1509. Nearly 150 years later, the island was taken by the British on May 11th 1655 during the Anglo-Spanish War.

With the break up of the British Empire in the 1950s, Jamaica had several amendments to its constitution to allow greater self-government and a Prime Minister. In 1958, Jamaica became a founding member of the West Indies Federation, a political union of various islands in the Caribbean that were colonies of the United Kingdom. In September 1961, Jamaican dissatisfaction with the Federation and the slow pace of moves to independence led to a referendum in Jamaica that resulted in 54% of voters wanting to leave. The elections of 1962 were won by the Jamaica Labour Party under the leadership of Alexander Bustamante.

This led to the Jamaica Independence Act being passed by the United Kingdom Parliament on July 19th 1962, granting independence on August 6th 1962 when the Jamaican flag was flown for the first time. Bustamante became Jamaica's first Prime Minister and Jamaica joined the Commonwealth of Nations.

The main event of Independence Day is the Jamaica Festival, which is celebrated with a grand parade, traditional music, the World Reggae Dance Final and other events.

Did you know?

Jamaica is the only country in the world whose flag does not contain the colours of red, white or blue! Mauritania also used to be in this club, but they amended their flag in 2017 to include two red stripes.

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