National Peace Day in Ivory Coast in 2024

National Peace Day in Ivory Coast in 2024
  How long until National Peace Day?
National Peace Day
  Dates of National Peace Day in Ivory Coast
2025 Ivory Coast Sat, Nov 15 National Holiday
2024 Ivory Coast Fri, Nov 15 National Holiday
2023 Ivory Coast Wed, Nov 15 National Holiday
2022 Ivory Coast Tue, Nov 15 National Holiday
2021 Ivory Coast Mon, Nov 15 National Holiday

A day to show the Ivory Coast's commitment to ongoing peace and reconciliation in the country

When is National Peace Day?

National Peace Day is a national holiday in the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) on November 15th each year.

This holiday is intended to promote peace and reconciliation in the country.

History of National Peace Day

Ivory Coast gained its independence from France in August 1960, with Félix Houphouët-Boigny becoming Ivory Coast's first president. President Houphouët-Boigny stayed in power for 33 years until his death in 1993.  Houphouët-Boigny's death signalled the start of a long period of political instability that would plague the country in the decades that followed, with two civil wars being fought, between Christians who are dominant in the south of the country and Muslims who are more prevalent in the north.

Although Ivory Coast has marked the National Day of Peace on November 15th since 1996, the events of the recent past have highlighted the need to continue to observe this day as an inspiration for a peaceful future.

Each year, the celebrations take place in a different part of the country. The day is celebrated with speeches from authority figures and government and civil society organizations carry out activities to promote peace and engender a sense of national unity.

Note that the International Day of Peace is celebrated on September 21st. Due to the involvement of the UN in bringing the first civil war to an end, this day is also marked in Ivory Coast, though it is not a public holiday.

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