T.T. Bank Holiday

Isle of Man Public holiday in the Isle of Man

TT Bank Holiday take splace on the second Saturday in June
Detail from stamp celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the Manx Grand Prix.

When is T.T. Bank Holiday?

How long until T.T. Bank Holiday?
This holiday next takes place in 11 Days.
Dates of T.T. Bank Holiday
Year Weekday Date
2020 Friday June 12th
2019 Friday June 7th
2018 Friday June 8th
2017 Friday June 9th
2016 Friday June 10th
1 Day
Held on the day of the Senior Race in the Isle of Man TT race

The T.T. Bank Holiday holiday takes place on the Isle of Man on the Friday in the first full week of June.

The holiday may also be called 'Senior race day' as it is observed on the day of the Senior Race in the Isle of Man T.T. race.

History of T.T. Bank Holiday

The International Isle of Man T.T. (Tourist Trophy) Race is an annual motorcycle sport event that takes place on the Isle of Man, usually over the last week of May and first week of June. The event first took place in 1907.

The races take place on the roads on the Isle of Man and are a thrilling spectacle for locals, racing enthusiasts and tourists alike.

"Thousands of visitors from across the globe visit the Isle of Man each year for the greatest road racing event in the world – the TT Races. A daring 37 and ¾ mile Mountain Course that sees racers from around the world reach average lap speeds of up to 133mph."
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The Senior TT is the most prestigious event of the festival and takes place on the Friday of race week. The winner is awarded the The Marquis de Mouzilly St. Mars trophy.

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